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Be welcome on Sprachchamäleon!




You want to learn German online and improve your language skills in an effective way and in a natural manner?

Then this is just the place for you! My name is Caro – and as a private teacher for German as a foreign language, I help you with words and deeds and respond specifically to your individual problems with the German language.

You can expect customized German classes that are exactly adapted to your needs. On this page, you‘ll learn how it works!


How does it work?

Before we start, you can tell me in an e-mail what you expect from our lessons: Why do you learn German? Which one is your current language level and which one do you want to reach? What are your gaps and what do you want to learn? In which topics are you interested? We will then arrange a free first lesson (20-30 minutes) for getting to know each other and to clarify all your questions before classes start.

In preparation of the lesson, you receive an e-mail with all the material that you can finish independently. Even if homework is not always fun: like this you will benefit as much as possible from our classes and reach your goals quickly!

During the lessons, I explain the German grammar to you, we apply directly what we have learned, do exercises, discuss your homework, communicate a lot and you have the possibility to ask all your questions directly.



e-mail address

✔ stable internet connection

Skype account (alternatively Facebook)

Your advantages:

✔ Flexibility of time: You can book lessons at any time and you are not dependent on fixed course times. Do you work shifts or do your roster sometimes change at short notice? I’m sure we’ll find an alternate date spontaneously.

✔ Individual curriculum: We analyse your individual difficulties in a one-on-one interview, deal effectively with them and draw up a personal curriculum.

✔ All-inclusive package: Lessons don’t end after the online course: As your private tutor, I am always available by e-mail if you have any questions. By the way, you decide for yourself how much time you have for your homework – all working material is developed by myself and is included in the price.

✔ Learning atmosphere: You can choose your place of study and the best working environment for yourself.

✔ One-to-one lessons: As these are one-to-one lessons, the topics are also tailored to your needs and interests. German in everyday life, at work or even in the football stadium? There is no subject that is not possible.

✔ Additional material: Do you need additional material to deal intensively with a topic? No problem, I’ll be happy to provide you with additional tasks and give you recommendations for books, films and so on.

Video presentation:

Can’t open the video? Have a look at YouTube.

What my students say:

„Individueller Deutschkurs, flexibler Lehrplan und angepasste Lerninhalte ist der Beste was man für seiner Sprachentwicklung machen kann. Es war eine neue Erfahrung für mich einen Unterricht via Skype zu machen. Aufgrund von Zeitmangel bei beruflichen Tätigkeiten habe ich bei Caro mit den Deutschunterrichten angefangen. Nach 3 Monaten kann ich nur weiter empfehlen.

Kurz zusammengefasst: grosse Schritte mit kleiner Mühe und dabei viel Spass und Flexibilität. Die Hausaufgaben und der Unterricht von Caro sind sehr vielfaltig und kommen direkt auf den Punkt. Mit Caro macht deutsch lernen Spass und meine Frau fängt auch bei ihr an. Einmal Sprachchamaeleon immer Sprachchamaeleon.“

     Ali Ghazi (from Lebanon, doctor at Klinikum Kassel)

„A Carolin é uma professora muito qualificada: ela procura sempre explicar o conteúdo da aula  em alemão, mas como fala fluentemente muitos idiomas, isso facilita a comunicação, podendo-se falar em inglês, francês ou espanhol quando precisar. […] Ela é muito atenciosa com os alunos, e capaz de identificar as necessidades e dificuldades de cada um.

Cada aula tem um novo conteúdo, porém ela verifica sempre se os assuntos já estudados foram assimilados pelos alunos, caso contrário parte para o reforço! Além do material com o conteúdo e os exercícios, ela integra a aula com atividades dinâmicas, como imagens, músicas e vídeos, isso torna a aula mais eficaz e agradável.“

     Elena Gallorini (from Italy, teacher) und
     Ramadan Elias Paludo (from Brazil, civil engineer)


1 x 45 minutes

10+1 x 45 minutes

The payment is made by prepayment (bank transfer or PayPal).

About me:

I was born in 1992 in Germany, grew up in East Westphalia and speak dialect free High German. Since my own school days I wanted to be a teacher and love learning and teaching foreign languages.

My teacher training (French and Spanish, Bachelor of Education) taught me a lot of theoretical knowledge in foreign language didactics. Nevertheless, it is rather my practical experience of many years that qualifies me for the work as a teacher.

My qualification:

✔ Online teaching: My students learn the German language for a wide variety of reasons: some want to prepare for their work and good integration in Germany, others want to study or do a doctorate, others only plan to spend their holidays in Germany. As different as their origins, language level and goal may be, they all want the same thing: to learn German effectively and with fun, and to find out as much as possible about German culture!

✔ Own language skills: After learning English, French and Latin at school, I decided to start learning Spanish as well – and started my Spanish studies without any previous knowledge. In the meantime, I speak fluent English, French and Spanish. I also learn Italian and Arabic. My knowledge of foreign languages helps me to understand the repetitive mistakes of my students and to attribute them to grammatical differences. I also know exactly what language learning is all about.

 Bachelor of Education: I graduated with a Bachelor of Education in French and Spanish. The modules included insights into literary, cultural and linguistic studies, as well as educational sciences and foreign language didactics. In my bachelor thesis, I looked into the question of whether it is cultural or social origin that is more decisive for academic success.

 Summer courses: For the ijgd (International Youth Community Services), I regularly work as a German teacher for intensive courses within the framework of workcamps, which bring together young people from different countries to work together on voluntary projects.

 Profile studies in the area of heterogeneity: As part of a profile study I attended lectures, seminars and workshops on intercultural topics and dealt intensively with heterogeneity and internal differentiation in the classroom.

 Training as a tutor at the University of Paderborn: During a one-week training course, I was trained as a tutor at the Institute for Romance Languages and Literature at the University of Paderborn, whereupon I led tutorials on literary and cultural studies seminars and was responsible for intensive exam preparation and support for my fellow students.

 Additional lessons: From senior class onwards, I gave official French lessons in my grammar school and was confronted with the challenge of giving as much as possible to students who were unwilling to learn. Well, French is not necessarily the most popular foreign language among teenagers.

 Teacher of German in the Banlieue of Paris: In addition to the compulsory internships of my studies, I decided to spend six months as a foreign language assistant in France, where I worked as a German teacher. Out of my interest in the subject of heterogeneity and Arabic language, I was attracted to two state schools in the Parisian suburbs, which are regarded as a social hotspot. The particular challenges included the high number of students with a migrant background and dealing with the issues of Islam and integration in times of Charlie Hebdo and the terrorist attacks in Paris.

 German teacher in a refugee class: In the course of the refugee crisis, I volunteered for three months in an integration class in which I was simultaneously involved in literacy, beginner and advanced courses and prepared the students to be able to take part in regular lessons as soon as possible.

 Private journeys: My great passion for travelling led me to various countries (among others Morocco, Iran, Senegal, Mexico) and gave me a direct insight into foreign cultures and other ways of life.

Holiday camp with focus on German as a second language: For a holiday camp organized by the University of Paderborn, I created the weekly program for a group of students and led various activities. The holiday camp focused on German as a second language and allowed students with and without a migration background to communicate and interact with each other.

 Internships at German grammar schools: As part of my teacher training, I completed my compulsory internships at two different grammar schools and independently conducted complete lessons, created teaching materials and documented the learning progress of my students.

 Internship in childcare in France: I was able to use my work experience in senior class to improve my language skills and travel abroad for the first time to work independently. As an intern in a French kindergarten and through my stay in a host family, I had the opportunity to gain intercultural experience in addition to my educational work experience.

✔ Private tutoring: During my time at school I already gave private tutoring to supplement my pocket money. In the subjects German, English and French, I was able to help younger students gain a better understanding of the subject and thus also better grades. During this time I came into contact with German as a foreign language for the first time, because many of my students had a migration background.

Are you interested?


Then make an appointment for a free first meeting:

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